Considering the massive shift to digital communication, it would be reasonable to expect and understand a major transition from printed publications to online content, however … 
That is not always proving to be the case and in many ways a personalised item, be it a publication or direct mailpiece, can carry huge impact as well as being specifically targeted. 
Research firms have identified a 7 to 10 percent magazine readership drop in recent years. This in turn affects advertising revenues that also fall as a result. 
That said, what is emerging is a growing trend for personalised mail items and in particular publications and magazines containing direct personal reference to the addressee within the actual content. Personalising a mailed magazine creates great impact and this was demonstrated by a German publication recently. They added not only personalised content on the cover artwork but also a personalised map. 
Reading your own name on magazine cover or mail piece really attracts attention. And it doesn’t have to stop there as other content can be personalised too engaging the recipient and prompting them to open and read. 
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