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Whilst GDPR is good news for customers, it is forcing some changes on marketers. Marketing choices need to be reviewed and postal mailing can offer a significant option to email, telephone and SMS marketing. Challenges involved in gaining consent to GDPR standards means in some cases the only way to contact some customers is by post. 
Even the ICO admits ‘Consent’ that meets GDPR standards is difficult to obtain. There are, however, six bases for processing data and you will need to choose the most appropriate. The DMA and its partners have lobbied for the continued use of ‘legitimate interest’ and this may be the most appropriate of the six bases in most cases. 
Under GDPR there are six lawful grounds on which to process data. One of these is consent/opt-in that gives sufficient consent to use your customer data for marketing. The ICO, however, sets a high standard for consent under the DPA clause: consent “must be freely given, specific, informed” but it also goes further to include being unambiguous with a clear affirmative action (no pre-ticked boxes), keeping a record of consent and avoiding making consent a condition of a contract. The ability to withdraw consent must be easy and not incur a penalty, and regular consent reviews should be implemented. 
Are you GDPR Ready? 
Our data protection laws are changing. 
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect for much of Europe on May 25, 2018. Your marketing data must be kept in a GDPR compliant state and permission-based. If you are sending us data to use for a mailing please make sure it has been supplied by a GDPR responsible source if acquired externally or if compiled and held ‘in-house’ it is maintained and used in accordance with GDPR ruling. 
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