Direct Mail is still one of the most effective tools in marketing and 05 Direct Mail has all the postal discounts to make it cost effective too. 
In recent years the cost of colour printing has also come down due to digital print development and coupled with 05 Direct Mail’s low fulfilment rates a direct mail campaign could be the most cost-effective way to promote your service or product. 
Any industry can benefit and the range of mailing types is endless. From a simple postcard to a complex mailing piece there will be a perfect format for your product. Always keep in mind that from dropping through a letterbox or onto a desk, your mailer or sales letter often has just seconds to impress. Immediate visual impact is important to make it stand out and be read. Great graphics and an impressive and relevant offer will make sure your mailer is read and not binned as just another piece of junk mail. Whether its email or postal, the window for grabbing attention is small so use it wisely. 
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