We are living in strange times. With the dramatic drop in activities, events cancelled and business doors closed, more people are working and shopping from home and traveling far less than in any recent decade. Even with restrictions lifting, we need to accept some of the new trends we have adopted will stay. Marketing has to adapt and the good news is that the changes are coming together to make B2C direct mail more effective than it has been in years. 
Companies and brands that advertise now also have a chance to reach out to their customers during stressful times. In one recent survey conducted by an association of advertising agencies, 43% of respondents said it’s reassuring to hear from brands they know and trust, and 40% said they want to know about what action brands are taking in response to the pandemic. Just 15% said they don’t want to hear from brands at this time. This research clearly shows that consumers have a very positive attitude on brand communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Building a Direct Mail Campaign 
It’s fair to say direct mail is officially back! The time is right to achieve results using direct mail if you follow a few basic rules. It is critical, of course, to be aware of customer sensitivity during the pandemic and into the future, so take care with your messages. 
Stick to the time proven methods of selecting your audience, carefully creating your message, and focusing on producing an attractive mailer using graphics and a clear, enticing message. 
Five Key Rules to Direct Mail Success 
1. Select your audience. Use your own in-house client list, or purchase a good quality, well targeted list from a reliable source. 
2. Call-to-action design. Make sure your offer provides a sense of urgency. 
3. Keep the message and design simple and strong. You have their attention but it’s likely to be brief, maybe a few seconds, so get your message over quickly and concisely. Make them want to open or read on. 
4. Respond quickly. Don’t lose a potential customer by taking too long to respond. They will likely be looking at your competitors too. Get in first. 
5. Monitor results. Whatever response tools you use, always analyse the results closely so you can adjust and shape your next mailer to be even more focussed. Keep mailing lists clean and remove anyone who requests no further mail from you. Not doing so can land you in trouble – and why pay more postage than you need to! 
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