Here is some more information avout the new electric vans being introduced by the postal services. This durable 2.9 tonne small vehicle is designed to operate over lengthy distances on a stop and start basis, similar to a typical postal round delivering everything from postcards to parcels including personal and advertising and promotional mail. 
Fully chargeable at the local delivery office and with reduced emissions the van is designed to help postmen and women deliver letters and parcels in the usual manner but with a much lower carbon footprint. The TX conversion is designed for use on all roads and is able to carry letters, cards and all sizes of parcels. Deliveries during the trials operate and follow a usual delivery pattern on standard routes. Ongoing trials include locations in Derby, Leeds, Edinburgh and Bristol. The first trial was in Hockley, near Birmingham. It is hoped that mailing houses and companies sending bulk mail throughout the UK will adopt and adapt to a greener delivery system especially as direct marketing and advertising mail volume is increasing. 
A Royal Mail spokesperson said they are committed to making changes to their operations that reduce environmental impact, whilst ensuring they continue to meet customer expectations. This is just a part of a wider programme of initiatives to allow Royal Mail to experiment with ways to achieve this, whilst enabling them to continue to deliver both personal and business mail safely, efficiently and responsibly. The future for advertising and marketing mailing is definitely greener. 
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